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International OSA Network of Students IONS México 2015

IONS Mexico City 2015 is conference held in Mexico City that is organized for students, by students, and brings together a large group of Honours, PhD and Masters students in any field of optics. IONS Mexico City 2015 is also a part of the IONS (International OSA Network of Students) project that is run by student members of the OSA (The Optical Society). The main goal of IONS is to facilitate discussion and networking between students in different research fields of optics who otherwise would be unlikely to meet. This gives students a fresh perspective, as well as the opportunity to learn about research beyond their own field in optics. Participants also learn the essential skill of how to communicate their research to people who are not experts in their field.


Luis Armando Vieyra Reboyo (, Eduardo Ibarra García Padilla (


Mexico City



Optical Society of America; National Autonomous University of Mexico and OSA-SPIE Student Chapters

Close ceremony
The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015) will be brought to an official close with a ceremony to be held over three days from 4-6 February 2016 in the beautiful city of Mérida, Mexico, which is close to the Mayan Archaeological Site of Chichen Itza and one of the earliest astronomical observatories El Caracol. This final event of the IYL 2015 global celebration will be attended by the key figures behind the international year, including academics, international diplomats and decision-makers, CEOs, and science and industry leaders from across the globe.